Lys Construction

Founded in 1992, Construction LYS is dedicated to developing neighborhood living and the best urban sites with as much care and attention as if we were there. lived.

Our way of seeing things is simple: to work on the creation of our projects in collaboration with the different architects and designers. Winners of numerous architectural awards, we are cited as an example time and time again for our way of integrating art into architecture. Our company distinguishes itself in a most competitive field and continually leaves its mark on the capital's urban landscape.

We choose the satisfaction of our customers. To do this, we put into practice 7 key principles that clearly reflect our approach:

-Strong work

-Respect of all

-List of customers

-Contribution to the success of customers

-Love to improve, always being avant-garde

-To surround you with the best partners who, like us, are looking for quality

-Fidelity of customers, who since our beginnings shows confidence and inspires us with pride


Lys Construction, Québec


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