Société Immobilière Huot

The Société Immobilière Huot develops and manages quality residential real estate projects in the greater Quebec City area. With nearly 30 years of experience and a team of about 100 dedicated employees, the Company ensures to meet your needs by working around 3 main values:

A unique and unforgettable experience

Working as a team with its clients and partners to deliver a unique and unforgettable customer experience.

Huot Seal of Quality

Every service offered by the Company and its team must meet the strictest quality standards. You are the customer and you are entitled to the highest quality, the Huot seal of quality.

Building well

This is our raison d'être. Together, we build innovative and solid projects that add value to urban environments and meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's clients.

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Société Immobilière Huot, Québec


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