Construction MA Taillon

A young carpenter who built houses with his own hands which he then sold decided to create a business in 1993 which he called Construction MA Taillon. By and by, the reputation of this passionate young man become wide spread and has grown even more over the years as have the number of his projects.

Construction MA Taillon has a team of 20 full time employees and over 100 sub-contractors. All members have been chosen conscientiously in a way that everyone has the same philosophy of work as well as the same passion for construction. In other words, each member attaches the same importance to the process of houses well built.

Since its inception in 1993, Construction MA Taillon has built over 1200 houses, mostly single family detached houses. This experience has allowed the company to rank among the leaders in the housing industry on the Northshore of Montreal. Also “Sacre Maitre” manufacturer by the Provincial Association of Home Builders of Quebec (APCHQ), Construction MA Taillon stands out and has won many trophies over time thus proving customer satisfaction for its great quality of homes.

When choosing a house, it is important to take into account that one is not only taking possession of a home but also a quality of life. Even if the idea of buying a house came upon us suddenly, more importance should be granted to the technical choices.

It is, therefore, imperative to take into account the magnitude that our decisions have and reflect on each so that your new home answers your needs and your desires. It is for this reason that our commitment is to make sure you benefit from our experience and guide you throughout the process of the completion of your project.

We also offer a decorator service to advise you in the selection of exterior coverings and materials. WithConstruction MA Taillon, each of your questions will be answered.


Construction MA Taillon, Blainville


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