Groupe Mathieu

The power of two brothers.
Twin brothers, Alain and Sylvain Mathieu, are accomplices from a young age. They took interest in the world of construction very early; in fact, Alain Mathieu received his general contractor permit at the age of 16. Immediately after graduation, he began his residential home construction business called Alain Mathieu Construction. Sylvain followed shortly thereafter with Sylvain Mathieu Construction. The Mathieu brothers created an enterprise together, Les Associes du Nord, whose mission is the management of their respective enterprises. After which they created Crescent Moon, specializing in the construction of condominiums and Bri-Mat.

In 2008 the Mathieu brothers decided to merge under one name, Le Groupe Mathieu, thus offering their customers a single place to shop. This family business is based on honesty, respect and truth, the same values you will find in the Mathieu family. Amazingly, Alain Mathieu is the youngest recipient ever of the Diamant prize from l’APCHQ for the quality of his construction for the past 25 years.

Today, The Mathieu brothers, secure in the experience they have acquired over the years, offer a diverse selection of residences in many different styles within the residential projects located exclusivdely on the North-Shore. See our list of project in our directory.


Groupe Mathieu, Blainville


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