Construction Plani Tech GS

Mr. Gilbert Therien began in conception of design through his company Dessina Plan Plus Inc. In 2006, he entrusted the management of Dessina Plan Plus Inc. to his associate and formed a new company, construction Plani Tech G.S. Inc. This new company builds personalized single family houses, triplex condos, revenue buildings and various renovation projects both interior and exterior. The advantage of construction Plani Tech G.S. Inc. is that we easily adapt to the demands of our customers for the realization of their project while respecting their budget. Our combined experience is a plus since we can support our clients from beginning to the end of the project in an atmosphere of trust.

Constructions Miranor Inc. led by Mr. Hugues Magny has been established in the region since 1989. With these years of experience and several construction projects of residential houses under its belt, Constructions Miranor Inc. has developed a strong reputation as an entrepreneur with quality construction and customer satisfaction.

Both companies are still active and also complete their individual projects.

In 2010, the shareholders of these two companies formed Habitation Therien-Magny Inc. in order to complete a new project called Domaine Champetre. Approximately twenty single family and extended family houses were built and personalized according to the tastes and needs of our customers.

In 2014, Mr. Therien and Mr. Magny joined forces again in a new adventure, the St. Augustine X3, a triplex project for investors or owner-occupant.


Construction Plani Tech GS, Mirabel