Habitations Raymond Allard Habitations Sylvain Ménard

The strategic alliance between Habitations Sylvain Menard Inc. and Habitations Raymond Allard Inc. officially took place in 1998. An association, with over 40 years of experience as general contractors, that corresponds perfectly to the vision of progress, of quality, service and customer respect of the two leaders.

The mission of Habitations Raymond Allard Inc. and Habitations Sylvain Menard Inc. is to successfully build moderate and high end construction in the residential sector.

It is with an awareness and importance that our teams on the building sites see the future of projects where the quality of our service, the attention and ingenuity is to constantly remain the leader in the area of residential construction.

The two manufacturers see the future with optimism. They are aware that it is to their advantage to invest in customer satisfaction, since a sale in two comes from word of mouth. It is not uncommon to see return customers. Thus, because our success in recent years, we can argue that we have successfully not sacrificed our integrity. This is our most precious accomplishment.


Habitations Raymond Allard  Habitations Sylvain Ménard, Vaudreuil-Dorion


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