Project of new homes | Montréal-Nord, Montréal

Project to build cottages, semi-detached houses, townhouses and condos for sale in Montreal-North.

Good news, the city of Montreal has made the decision to rejuvenate its various boroughs and Les Associés Nord-Ouest actively participate in this trend especially in the northern sector of the island.

Indeed, we recently acquired land near the Pie IX bridge to build contemporary models including brick cladding on four sides and a garage.

Whether semi-detached or detached cottages, these properties with abundant fenestration are set in an area where mature trees are ubiquitous.

In addition, you will enjoy easy access to the train from the east because the new station was inaugurated in December 2014 and shuttles are at your disposal.

Municipal services:
The various parks, pools and arenas are within walking distance, not to mention all the services that are abundant throughout the territory, such as libraries, schools, recreation, community services, daycares, day camps, community gardens, bike paths , ball fields, soccer, basketball, volleyball, bocce and tennis.

Important facts:
Municipal taxes are among the lowest on the entire island of Montreal. A visit to our offices will allow you to validate this information and will undoubtedly convince you of the value and quality of our achievements.

P.S. We can also build one of our 60 models on your land.

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10855, avenue des Laurentides
Montréal-Nord, Quebec
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Projet Nord-Ouest, Montréal-Nord


10855, avenue des Laurentides
Montréal-Nord, Quebec

CONTACT : Bilal Sayed Ali(514) 437-8560