Project of new condos, new homes | Gatineau, Outaouais

Project of new condos and new townhouses for sale in Gatineau, in the Outaouais region.

Champlain Village Urbain offers you access to magnificent bike paths that are connected to the NCC network, parks and public hiking trails.

In the heart of the village, you will find a common area where residents can meet, enjoy shows, shop and grab a bite to eat.

We also offer shared workspaces with nearby daycare services, as well as commercial spaces, which encourages residents to work in their neighborhood and limit transportation time and resources.

Easily accessible because it is located on the edge of the Champlain Bridge, Champlain Village Urbain offers a variety of public transport options.

In fact, Champlain is considered to be a transportation and pedestrian-focused safety project, or “TOD and POD”, acronyms for Transit Oriented Development and Pedestrian Oriented Development. This name designates a neighborhood that aims to increase the use of alternative modes of transport; which means that it is easier to walk from your home to local shops and the public transport station.

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Champlain Village Urbain, Gatineau


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